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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /13. 9. 2018

Munich, more than just an Oktoberfest!

When you will hear loud “O’zapft is’!” during your Oktoberfest premiere, it won’t mean that someone has choked on a sip of traditional German beer ...

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#Activities #Destinations #Ideas #StagDo /3. 9. 2018

Experiencing the real Krakow through the eyes of a local

Wavel, Kazimierz, Zubrowka, Krówki, Pierogi, do these names ring a bell? A magnificent cathedral, famous Jewish quarter, typical alcohol, sweet candies and a tasty dish ...

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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /31. 8. 2018

Prague „Best Value Destination“

When it comes to choosing the right destination for the upcoming stag party, you need to thoughtfully consider all the options in order to pick ...

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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /24. 8. 2018

Sofia – firsthand experience from best man’s perspective

I can still remember that stag party like it was yesterday. As it was my best friend who was getting married, I knew from the very beginning ...

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#Activities #Destinations #Ideas #StagDo /15. 8. 2018

Thematic City Packages

Tailor-made thematic packages arranged for you and easy to adjust, depending on your requirements. SOFIA - Balkan Style Party Real value for money entertainment. https://giphy.com/gifs/filmeditor-dancing-party-hard-3otPoHj5sgsXjf5kmQAre you decided to ...

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#VoxTravelNews /12. 7. 2018

Vox Travel interviewed for Forbes

Vox Travel interviewed for Forbes World magazine about success, business and wealth brings inspirative articles from economics, financial and lifestyle aspects. This time there was business ...

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#VoxTravelNews /9. 4. 2018

Our achievements

From our beginnings in 2004, we have grown to become European’s leader on the Stag&Hen market. We believe that only excellent conditions and business enviroment, ...

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#Accommodation /12. 3. 2018

Different types of accommodation and how to choose the right one?

The Paradox of choice says that the more choices people have, the less happy they are about the result, because what if the other option ...

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#Activities #Ideas #Team /14. 2. 2018

Get your team under control with teambuilding! Top 10 activities

Whether you are handling a brand new team or there are some disagreements in an existing one, we are here to help you pick the ...

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#Destinations /20. 9. 2017

Infographic – Prague, a.k.a. the City of a Hundred Spires

Do you prefer to be prepared before exploring a new destination or you rather let yourself be surprised and ready for whatever new experiences that might ...

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#Activities #Ideas /22. 8. 2017

A classic strip show is boring! These 10 unusual options would nobody expect

A strip show with a pretty girl is not interesting enough! Are you planning a stag weekend for your friend and you want to make ...

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