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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /2. 11. 2018

The stag weekend bucket list for Brno

The idea of visiting Czech Republic always goes hand in hand with Prague, but why is that? Certainly, Prague is the biggest, but who says ...

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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /22. 10. 2018

Beer, Boobs, Bratwurst. Berlin!!

Berlin is the capital of cool. And Germany. The city has gone through one wild journey. Old, new, war-thorn, rebuilt. Berlin is constantly evolving, constantly ...

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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /17. 10. 2018

Say YES to Wroclaw!

After succesfully turning its nomination into a victory, Wroclaw has been awarded the European Best Destination in 2018! Gaining over 40k votes from 146 different countries ...

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#Accommodation #Activities #Destinations #StagDo /15. 10. 2018

How to spend 48 hours in Warsaw – What to See, Do & Eat

Two days in the Polish capital may not seem like an abundance of time and it definitely does make sense to make the most of ...

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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /9. 10. 2018

10 Top Activities To Do On A Stag Do In Budapest

If you’re looking to make the upcoming stag party a first-class experience, the perfect time off with the closest ones, make sure you add Budapest ...

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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /4. 10. 2018

Why should you choose Bratislava for your next stag do?

Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty! Or perhaps just head to the Slovakia’s capital, ...

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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /1. 10. 2018

Amsterdam – Unique Taste Like Nowhere Else

Be ready to let your wildest dreams come true while on weekend getaway in Amsterdam! The hedonist capital of the world or the freest city on ...

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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /24. 9. 2018

Hamburg – Europe’s New Orleans

Situated in the north of Germany, Hamburg is not only popular among tourists, but it is also a crucial point when it comes to maritime ...

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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /13. 9. 2018

Munich, more than just an Oktoberfest!

When you will hear loud “O’zapft is’!” during your Oktoberfest premiere, it won’t mean that someone has choked on a sip of traditional German beer ...

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#Activities #Destinations #Ideas #StagDo /3. 9. 2018

Experiencing the real Krakow through the eyes of a local

Wavel, Kazimierz, Zubrowka, Krówki, Pierogi, do these names ring a bell? A magnificent cathedral, famous Jewish quarter, typical alcohol, sweet candies and a tasty dish ...

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#Activities #Destinations #StagDo /31. 8. 2018

Prague „Best Value Destination“

When it comes to choosing the right destination for the upcoming stag party, you need to thoughtfully consider all the options in order to pick ...

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