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Are you a best man planning a stag do for your best mate? Going on a stag night soon? Then this article is for you!


Whilst most stag dos go without any major hick-ups (mild abuse of the groom is given), sometimes things don’t go to plan. Here are our top insider tips on how to avoid any major disasters that could cost you money, your health and hurt your pride!

 1. The Stag is the King! Last week, we have received a panic call from the best man Andy, who was arriving for a stag party in Bratislava, Slovakia in three days. He has just learnt that the stag has water phobia. Not only did Andy book a surprise white water rafting adventure for the whole group, he was also chuffed by the choice of the base for their weekend – a funky botel on the river Danube. With less then 72 hours left to re-arrange accommodation and program for a group of 12, Andy was in trouble (we managed to sort him out). The moral of the story? Don’t book a high ropes adventure when the stag suffers from vertigo, organise a stag do in Amsterdam when the ex that broke his heart was Dutch or take him water rafting when he can’t swim. He’s the star of the show, after all!

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2. Which brings us nicely to our tip no 2 – always check and read those boring terms & conditions when you book your do. Don’t pack your days with activities that you’ll end up canceling because you are recovering from the night before. You may as well throw your money down the drain as most travel agencies will not offer any refund for cancellations within our terms and conditions. Take it easy and schedule some down time.

3. Planning any chill out or adrenaline activities? Don’t forget to bring along your essential sports or leisure equipment. Whilst hiring skis during a skiing weekend is not an issue, forgetting your trainers for your 5-a-side football match is. Equally, it’s unlikely you’ll be allowed into the legendary thermal baths in Budapest in your holy underpants, so pack your budgie smugglers (please note that swimming trunks and bikinis in Central European saunas are a no no).

4. We know we are beginning to sound like your mother, but please do not overdo it with alcohol. Carry the details of your accommodation handy with you (take a snapshot of the address and save it on your phone). Don’t loose your mates and don’t forget them at the airport – or even worse – in the hospital (the things we have seen over the years!). And finally, please don’t miss your flight back home. A) It’ll cost you and B) you don’t want the talk from your misses, do you?

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5. If you wear glasses, bring your contact lenses just in case. You never know – you may accidentally end up being involved in a mud wrestling fight and trust us – those girls won’t miss any dirty trick to get you on your knees.

6. A note on carrying passports and ID cards. In some European countries (Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary, The Netherlands, Germany????) it is a requirement to carry the national identity card or passport at all times. In others you only have to prove by any means who you are (driving license, credit card). Do check the requirements before you travel. If you don’t want to carry your passport with you (which may be wise), take a photo of it and save on your smartphone – or carry a photo copy with you.

7. And finally, here’s your essentials check list. Don’t travel without any of these:

  • Your passport – can we stress your? Earlier this year, one of the guys traveling for a stag weekend in Budapest was refused entry to the plane as had he brought his mum’s passport. We know…
  • Copy of your schedule from your travel agent including the details of your accommodation, flights, program and contact details
  • Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to get a free medical care in any of the EU countries. For more details click here http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabroad/EHIC/Pages/about-the-ehic.aspx
  • Travel insurance docs and call centre number you can dial in from abroad (especially if you are planning any adrenaline activities, skiing, etc)

The European Health Insurance Card EHIC

Trust us – we’ve seen it all!


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