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The most favourite season of the year has finally come! The cityscape around the world is changing from its usual form into a charming world of lights and decorations and the festive atmosphere is sneaking up on the people. Surrender to its power and enjoy this Christmas fully! That you aren‘t a kid anymore and Christmas isn‘t what it used to be? Just give it a chance and let us prove you wrong. There still is something magical about Christmas and you don‘t need to go far for a little bit of Christmas spirit to remind you of it – just visit a Christmas market and let yourself feel the magic once again.

Why are they so popular?

Visiting Christmas markets is a long and popular tradition among most of Europeans. Not many people can resist the tempting idea of drinking hot punch, or tasting one of the many delicious treats – and they shouldn‘t! But there‘s whole lot more about Christmas markets! First of all, it‘s the atmosphere. The mixture of all the pleasant scents, sounds of Christmas carols and the sight of thousands of lights decorating the city change the air. Then, of course, it‘s the famous stalls. The markets are full of stalls with handicraft goods of all kinds, traditional meals and drinks (most of which will certainly warm you up) and really kind salesmen infected with Christmas cheer. You can also hear live music or watch other performances at Christmas markets – this year, for example, you can enjoy puppet shows in Budapest or hear Sheila Fernandez singing live in Vienna. Most Christmas markets also offer ice skating possibilities and some of them even adventure rides for children.

Join the Christmas cheer

Well, there‘s something for everyone at Christmas markets and that‘s why we‘re sure you should take a break from year-round routine and visit at least one of them this year. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas market in Bratislava


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