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Be ready to let your wildest dreams come true while on weekend getaway in Amsterdam!


The hedonist capital of the world or the freest city on the planet? Amsterdam has as many possessives as any city in the world and it will be up to your stag expedition to verify which one is the closest to reality! After all, it’s the weekend gateways to the city like yours that has shaped its reputation. The Dutch capital has been one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for many reasons, but the entertainment and fun are definitely some of the top motivation factors for the majority of visitors!

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Wild & Special

If you feel like you’ve heard enough stories about the legendary Amsterdam red-light district or it’s unique coffee-shop culture and you would like to come with something wild and special, we have some intriguing stag ideas for you!

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Looking for some action?

Looking for some action for the future groom and the lads? You can take the whole party for an incredible coastal rafting adventure where everyone will have to push their limits to the max! Refreshing and full of adrenaline, this activity will set you on fire for the remaining part of your Amsterdam stag adventure!

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If the speed is the name of the game for you, there is another special activity you can try while being on your Amsterdam trip – it’s called Blowkarting! One of the fastest adrenaline activities you can ever try will let you drive the kart fueled by the powerful coastal wings near Amsterdam. Better be prepared for a real speedy ride as the carts can reach speeds up to 100 km/h!

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Flight experience

In case you are dead certain that so much action wouldn’t go down well with Mr. soon-to-be-groom, you can always pick an interesting alternative – Ultimate flight experience that will allow you to enjoy the stunning views of the Dutch landscape without actually taking-off for a real flight! You are going to fly above the most beautiful places in Netherlands thanks to a cutting-edge technology delivering special effects which you could hardly have seen before.

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Straight into fire

Holding on to the wild energy boost from the day-time adrenaline activities, you can jump straight into fire and enjoy a special Booze night combined with the Red-light Tour in the most famous sex district of the world. Not only will you have a chance to see some of the best spots in the red-light district, you will also discover the world’s oldest sex museum! Right in the heart of the red-light district awaits another unique activity as it’s the home to legendary Sex theatre Casa Rosso full of kinky surprises. This amazing sex theater with drinks is going to rock your world and show you a type of performance you’ve never seen before!

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Fun for everyone

However not everyone might be into such kind of an eccentric and erotic sort of entertainment and for those who seek a more conservative type of fun, the popular Comedy show might be the right choice. One of the most popular free local spots full of uncensored entertainment promises great fun for everyone. And if you want to take things easy, you can always just properly chill yourself to the max with the popular coffeeshop tour! This 3-hour long tour will take you to the most famous coffee shops in town and we guarantee you are going to feel as if it lasted twice as long as it does in reality!

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Football Passions

For those who prefer a more of mellow tone to their bachelor’s trip in Amsterdam, there is always a plethora of unique tours looking under the surface of the most popular Dutch icons. A perfect example of that is the Heineken Brewery tour providing a very tasty probe to the production of beer in one of the oldest and most traditional breweries in Europe. You will of course have a chance to taste the beer directly from the factory! For the football lovers there is a mandatory Ajax Amsterdam Tour, full of great insights, history and trophies of the most famous football club in Netherlands.

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Drag queen Dinner

For the best men who aim to surprise the stag, you can do that by setting up innocently looking dinner table reservation that will be hijacked by a drag queen! The travesty show full of sarcasm and clever humor has all the ingredients for a high-quality evening fun in Amsterdam.

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Just in case you would be overwhelmed by all the ideas above, you can simply chose among designed activity packages based on the experience of our clients and what they enjoyed the most. Find out more about city packages for Amsterdam here.

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