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The Paradox of choice says that the more choices people have, the less happy they are about the result, because what if the other option would be better, what if they were this close to the right decision, what if they would have decided differently, what if? Fortunately, the choice of accommodation is not one of those life-changing decisions you are facing right now, but in order to make it even easier, let us help you to turn this matter into a piece of cake!

To start with, basically you have several options, depending on what level of luxury and service provided you desire to have during those days off. There are three different key types of accommodation, each one of them featuring different attributes. Three letters, three words best signifying their main message. HAH – hostel, apartment, hotel – or help, autonomy, heaven, that’s how we could sum them up. The same logic that is behind the accommodation applies to the tourists themselves. There are several types of them, and to choose the right housing, you first must categorize yourself into one group. Whether you are a real globetrotter seeking new adventures, someone who prefers to do things on his own the way he likes, or you simply can’t shake off the feeling that there is nothing better than a room service, there is always a matching choice waiting for you. Let’s get a better picture of these alternatives one by one.

  1. Hostel – the helpful environment

Hotel and hostel, sound so similar, yet so different. The tiny little “s” standing for „social” as being said, makes staying there a perfect opportunity for socializing, meeting bunch of new people as well as sharing (not only) experiences and gained knowledge. Hostels are like Mecca for backpackers hunting for new experiences. The friendly environment provides the perfect opportunity to chat with other travelling souls over the collectively prepared meal or while chilling in one of the many common spaces.

Especially when travelling alone, it is hostel what gives you the chance to gain some useful advices about where to go or helpful warnings what places rather avoid, possibly starting a new friendship or two. So, what should you imagine behind this “let’s find new friends” concept? Well, not only are hostels offering a unique experience, different from any other type of accommodation, they are also very different to each other. When choosing one, you should not only look at your budget limits, but also consider, if it is going to be a soul match. For instance, good vibes and cosy spaces to be found in a so-called ‘Feel like at home’ hostels. If you are more of a party animal, the night owl who loves to rave, the ‘Party’ hostel is what you should book right away. Last but not least, there are ‘Luxury’ hostels providing just the right amount of privacy and charm, while not attacking your wallet.

Typically, main decision to make is choosing between mixed-sex or same-sex rooms with varying number of (bunk)beds. From 16-bed to single rooms, from sharing bathrooms in the hall to sharing them within the room, the combinations are endless. Among the features that tend to occur in majority of the hostels, there is a WiFi access, reception with helpful staff who knows stuff, shared kitchen facilities and a common space to meet and greet. Oh, and the best part? The location.


  • – easy socializing
  • – shared bedrooms and bathrooms
  • – shared kitchen facilities
  • – usually central location
  • – 24-hour reception
  • – WiFi access
  • – high quality low price

  1. Apartment – autonomy as the main key

Freedom, independence, privacy, that’s basically what are you signing for when booking an apartment. Surely, sharing is carrying, but from time to time, it is equally nice to share only with the ones you already know. Apartment housing is basically living in your own flat, just without your favourite painting hanging on the wall. Nowadays, renting flats for holidays is gaining more and more popularity, as people starting to realize how convenient it is. You can always go to a well-known restaurant, but why pushing yourself to go out three days in a row, when you would prefer to stay in, preparing your favourite meal? It is always nice to have the choice, just in case you feel like taking the chances. Another good point, when smuggling someone into your room, you avoid the judgy eyes followed by awkward explanations. When it comes to the furnishings, imagine a well equipped flat with everything you could possibly need for the time being, including the Wifi and cosy atmosphere as a bonus.


  • – similar to flat
  • – private bedroom with bathroom
  • – well equipped kitchen
  • – cosy living room, common spaces
  • – WiFi access
  • – washing machine available

  1. Hotel – Am I in the heaven?

No matter what the arguments are, some people simply can’t be convinced that there could exist a better option than a hotel and yet we can’t blame them. Waking up in the most comfortable bed you have every laid your head in, walking into the bathroom cut out of the latest catalogue, going for breakfast that are literally melting on your tongue, welcome to your personal heaven.

To make the decision-making process easier, all hotels have been categorized into groups labelled with stars and the more there are the better it gets. Rising from one to five, extra costs bring extra services and luxury. While in the lower categories you will find a nice and decent separate bedroom with private bathroom, including basic toiletries and plenty of additional service, the higher categories come with a sumptuosity you can barely imagine. Whole floors dedicated to your wellbeing, including spots like wellness, gym, pools; spacious rooms where you are surrounded by luxury, best restaurants and top-rated bars waiting for you, it is time to spare no expenses for once.

  • **/*** Hotel

A perfect choice for those who are short on money yet wanna enjoy the beauty of the privacy. Nicely furnished separate bedroom that features private bathroom are a must, complementary services like laundry or luggage service are extra, but possible for an additional fee.


  • – separate bedroom with private bathroom
  • – basic toiletries
  • – hair dryer, telephone in the room
  • – additional services (laundry, ironing, luggage service)
  • – WiFi access in the room
  • – 24h reception
  • – variety of services on different levels (including wide range of food and beverages)


  • **** Hotel

If you want to deep your toes in the waters of luxury while figuring out whether you like it or not, a four-star hotel is a good start for you. A slight touch of the opulence yet not too much to get your head twisting, four might be your lucky number!


  • – separate bedroom with private bathroom
  • – lobby area
  • – minibar in the room
  • – 24h reception, room service
  • – safe, Air-conditioning
  • – bathrobe, slippers
  • – luxury cosmetic products
  • – WiFi access in the room
  • – several restaurants (À la carte restaurant) and bars
  • – usually pool


  • ***** Hotel

Pricy, but worthy – two words describing it so accurately. Whether getting spoilt has been on your list since you can remember, or you are up to broadening your horizons, a five-star hotel doesn’t come only with a fancy bathrobe and comfy slippers, but you will never know until you try one!


  • – spacious and luxury private bedroom with private bathroom
  • – suits
  • – several restaurants and bars (international menu), rooftop bar
  • – pool, wellness and spa, gym
  • – WiFi access everywhere
  • – 24h reception and room service
  • – safe, Air-conditioning
  • – concierge

To sum up, it doesn’t matter which type of accommodation you will choose in the end, just bring (or make) friends that will contribute to make the stay unforgettable, whether you stick to the motto ‘sharing is carrying’ or not, every trip will be just the way you do it. To new experiences!


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