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If you’d like to write a blog about a stag do you just have to experience one. Well it isn’t as easy as you might think. I’m getting married in a few weeks so I picked my brother for my best man. Btw best choice of my life. (not counting my future wife of course 😉 )

Where are we going?

It’s Saturday morning and I was forfeited with a bunch of my friends at my place. They told me to get my suit and a clean shirt, nothing more. After a while we were sitting in a train from Bratislava to Prague drinking godless amount of spirit right after the breakfast.

Just after our arrival we hit the first bar to get the famous Czech beer. Well, it was delicious. Rumors didn’t lie. Not at all. We had to grab a few more to fully enjoy it. You should definitely too!

My fellas took me to the perfect hotel in the city centre right on Vaclav’s square. We had some time to get sober, get some clean shirt and use a bathroom. Our private transfer was already beside the hotel when I got ready. We got on this huuuge hummer limo and enjoyed a few bottles of bubbles.


The limo driver took us to the karting venue so quickly, that we had to leave our bottles there. This hour of driving was mad! Nothing more and nothing less. We had so much fun. Of course I as a stag was the winner. Not sure if the others let me to win or not, but we had a great time. Perfect karts, perfect venue and after the ride we could grab a beer by the track.

Bratislava Karting Action Racing

Once again the limo was ready to take us to the city centre. And there were once again a few ice-cold bottles of bubbles. My biggest surprise during this ride was a girl waiting for us inside. Can you even image that? The longest Hummer Limo, ice-cold bottle of bubbles and a freaking hot stripper? Well you can imagine the euphoria that was spreading in the car.

We had a few moments to grab our suits and take a shower before the dinner was serving in the nearby traditional Czech restaurant. The beer was fantastic again and the food was awesome. I might become a Czech-food-blogger. Would you read my food blog? 😛

Beginning of the end.

The night was young so my best man/brother decided to hit a local karaoke bar and have a decent amount of shots. Decent means we could barely walk out of the bar two hours later. Supporting each other and shouting on the local ladies we were guided with our lovely lady guide to the best strip club. And by best I mean really the best. Nothing I’ve ever seen could be compare to this. There were ladies everywhere. The main stage was two stories high and had more lights than my friends cheesy BMW from 1995. We experienced laser shows, fire shows, water shows and even candle shows. Wow man, this is my new must-visit place in Prague. Honestly? We spent the rest of the night there.

Of course you’ve noticed the photos in this blog are just some random pictures from the web. Well, none of my clever friends took a photo all day long. We don’t have photos, we don’t have sharp memories and we don’t have anything of Prague’s architecture. But what we surely have is the best weekend of our lives.

Only one thing left – the activities we had in Prague thanks to Vox Travel, so here are they. Enjoy Prague just as we did.

Karting: link

Limo Transfer: link

Strip: link 




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