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When I think of stag/hen parties, the first thing that pops up in my mind is the movie “Hangover”. But believe it or not, bachelor party isn’t “just another American invention”. It dates back to ancient Sparta, where soldiers had a tradition of celebrating the groom’s last night being single. With the culture of arranged marriages it actually made sense. The tradition has stayed, but the way of celebration has changed big time.

Bachelor’s party is considered to be the one last chance to act immature before newlyweds have to take on adult responsibilities. But it’s more about spending time with your lifelong friends. Enjoying each others’ company as it’s something you’ll have less time for after the wedding. Nobody actually plans to end up in a hospital, chained naked to a lamp post, or getting arrested. So why are these parties so wild?

Vox Bachelor party

Well, imagine you’ve spend the last few months stressed. Planning your wedding, the biggest party of your life. But one cannot freely enjoy the party with the whole family present. That’s what the stags/hens are for. It doesn’t matter where you’re going or what you intend to do, there will be drinking. It could be a few pints while playing poker (or Margaritas while getting your nails done).

Cocktails in a disco bar. Or jelly shot enjoyed from any body part of a stripper. And we all know that drinking comes in hand with poorly thought out decisions. Plus, plan a party abroad, free from any rules and worrying that somebody may recognize you and tell your fiancée or even worse, your mother, is a real recipe for disaster. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a boys’ or a girls’ night out.

Hen parties used to mean a few fancy drinks or a pajama party. But now the tables have turned. Stats show, that ladies should be equally ashamed as fellas. Heavy drinking, college-type dares, outrageous activities, one night stand with a stripper. These days, hen parties are just as wild as stag dos. Yet, I’ve never heard of a hen getting arrested for picking up a fight on a plane or pissing in a fountain. But a story of the stripper needing to have a fake nail removed from his testicle speaks for itself. I can only say thank God for the code of secrecy.
stag party


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