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Celebrities, entertainment and crown.  That is what our recent teambuilding held on 1st April 2015 in one of Bratislava´s rock pub was all about.

The sponsor of the program was no one else than the owners of the company, Matej Lisy and Zuzana Lisa.

Veronika (HR Manager) has spent most of the time on stage as she was also the presenter of this successful event.

Music guests were ACDC and Queen of jukebox. Prizes were awarded in 23 categories. There were some really surprising nominations (for example, in the category Miss/ Mister hair one bald colleague was nominated ) winners of other categories were as expected (eg Miss mum – two of our pregnant colleagues). After the official program was over, we continued in our dance creations in the night clubs that are popular also among our stag and hen groups. Entertainment in these clubs is guaranteed anytime!

If you are excited to find out what prize has been won by event manager who you most often communicate with, read on:

  1. Miss Laugh (Delight to listen to) – Dominika Pisova – Czech event manager
  2. Miss MaryKay(Perfect skin) – PatriciaRusekova – Germany team leader
  3. Miss International Relations – Lenka Liptakova-Germany event manager
  4. Miss Exotic (Piece of abroad) – Viktoria Wondimu – Germany event manager
  5. Mister Dirty Mind – Adrian Meri – Marketing manager
  6. Miss Voice – Gabriela Cato – Customer Service manager
  7. Miss International (travelled the world)– Tatiana Nebusova – Germany event manager
  8. Miss in Relationship – Michaela Smiskova – International team leader
  9. Miss Mum – Olga Sapakova a Miroslava Kubincova (new arrivals on the way soon)
  10. Miss Party – Romana Petrovicova – International event manager (she proved she well deserved the prize even during this evening)
  11. Miss Internet (the best photoshoot) – Silvia Belickova – Czech event manager
  12. Mister Gourmet (the one who is always first to go to lunch J) – Jaroslav Balaz – Marketing manager
  13. Miss Czech –  Lucia Danayova – Czech team leader
  14. Mister Gentleman – Viktor Vondra – Germany event manager
  15. Miss Fit (healthy) – Lenka Culikova- Business Development manager
  16. Miss Proactive – Veronika Bezakova – HR manager
  17. Mister Poland – Matej Lisy – Owner of Vox Travel
  18. Miss Business – Zuzana Lisa – Owner of Vox Travel
  19. Miss Newbie – Tana Javorova – Event support
  20. Miss Hair – Lucia Krejci – International event manager
  21. Miss Sporty – Marta Kotelesova – Accountant
  22. Miss of Sloboda Zvierat (dog shelter) – Lenka Kudryova – Economist

People´s choice – Miss Congeniality was awarded to Dominika Pisova as she has received the most votes.

We all were winners. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. 
legendary team-building party


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