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#HenDo #Ideas #StagDo /10. 8. 2016

Top 3 Stag Do Beer Drinking Games

Beer! Beer! Beer! Everybody knows that a stag do wouldn’t be a stag do without plenty of drinking and what better to accompany that drinking ...

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#Destinations /20. 7. 2016

10 Top Activities To Do On A Stag Do In Budapest

If you’re looking to make your stag do incredible with ‘wicked bars, wicked nights’ and an all round ‘first class’ experience, make sure you check ...

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#Destinations /13. 7. 2016

Hamburg, The Charming City of Sin

Hamburg. “The gateway to the World” and the second largest city in Germany nestled on the banks of the river Elbe. This famous German port, ...

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#HenDo /6. 7. 2016

Cocktails, spa, boogie – how to plan a perfect hen do!

Planning your bestie’s hen night can be daunting. Pulling together a group of girlfriends not to mentioned aunties and cousins is a task for a ...

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#Activities /29. 6. 2016

Eats, shoots and leaves – shooting stag do activities for adrenaline junkies 

Secret agents, conspiracy theories, soldiers….. Do you remember the games you used to play as a boy? Bring out your inner child and let the big ...

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#Destinations /20. 6. 2016

Sofia, The City with No Limits

The capital of Bulgaria is an up-and-coming destination for the young, trendy and adventurous. The largest Bulgarian city is the place where East meets West. ...

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#Destinations /13. 6. 2016

No Longer Just an Old-Fashioned City

Are you looking for something different for your stag do? Discover Europe’s quiet underdog. Warsaw. The modern metropolis with the schizophrenic skyline and the clash ...

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#Destinations #OurTrips /1. 6. 2016

Trip to Amsterdam

The recent situation in major European cities is stressful for travellers and travel agencies alike. A few years ago, one could fly into Amsterdam, Brussels ...

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#Team #VoxTravelNews /31. 5. 2016

No More Bookings for Lucy

Read a short interview with our Lucy. As you might know, she was a great team-leader of Czech team in our office. Read about what's ...

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#StagDo /12. 4. 2016

Let’s get wild (for the very last time)

When I think of stag/hen parties, the first thing that pops up in my mind is the movie “Hangover”. But believe it or not, bachelor ...

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#VoxTravelNews /29. 12. 2015

Review of our 2015

Hello everyone,Although it is hard to believe it, it is the end of the year again – a time when we tend to look back ...

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