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#Destinations #OurTrips /3. 11. 2015

I AMsterdam

Have you ever heard or visited city of diamonds? Are you doubting?I can tell you for sure , you did! We are talking about the most ...

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#Activities #Destinations #OurTrips /29. 10. 2015

Experience Munich with Us

Have you ever visited the Germany’s third largest city with almost 1,5 million of  people living there...? Not yet? Then you have to go, see ...

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#Destinations #OurTrips /22. 9. 2015

Tour De Poland

So, you already know that you should book your stag party with Vox Travel as we make sure your stag party will indeed be a ...

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#Activities #Destinations #OurTrips /14. 9. 2015

Legendary Prague

Hey Guys!Have you ever been in Prague?If you said „No“, then you need to go and enjoy the atmosphere of this city of wonders!Prague is ...

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#Team /16. 7. 2015

Can we be the employer of the year?

Second half of this year is important for us. Why? Well, we don’t only want to sell the best activities and provide those exciting experiences, ...

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#OurTrips /29. 6. 2015

Bratislava – Budapest – by Bike

Or in another words - two days and around 250 km. Last week I went to Budapest but as I have been there already so many times, ...

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#OurTrips #Team /25. 6. 2015


At the end of May, we decided to visit Cologne. It is one of our newest destinations we offer in Germany, so it was important ...

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#Wesupport /2. 6. 2015

Visiting dog shelter – Sloboda zvierat

We are all dog lovers and whenever possible we visit sloboda zvierat. Sloboda zvierat is a non profitable organisation associating people with similar thinking. It ...

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#OurTrips /30. 4. 2015

Kilimanjaro Failure

Mount Kilimanjaro, or more specifically the Uhuru peak with its 5 895m above sea level was the main goal of my trip back in March 2015. ...

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#Wesupport /23. 4. 2015

We help to live at home, to be happy and to sorrow

We are proud, that we decided to help. When we are unable to save lives, we can at least help.Plamienok is an organization, which we ...

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#Destinations #OurTrips /16. 4. 2015

Austrian and Slovak Metropolis by High Speed Catamaran

The most comfortable and charming way of connection between the capitals Vienna and Bratislava? As for us, the answer is clear now. With the oncoming ...

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