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A stag do, also known as a bachelor party, is a time-honored tradition that marks the groom’s last hurrah before tying the knot. It’s a night of revelry, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. If you’re the best man or part of the groom’s inner circle, you have the responsibility of planning a stag do that he’ll cherish forever. One way to add excitement and a touch of mischief to the celebration is by booking a stripper to come to your accommodation. In this blog, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of arranging a stripper for your stag do party, ensuring a night that everyone will talk about for years to come.


1. **Know Your Audience**

Before you start making arrangements, it’s essential to consider the groom’s personality and preferences. Not every groom will be comfortable with a stripper, so it’s crucial to gauge his comfort level and respect his boundaries. Talk to the groom and ensure that booking a stripper aligns with his idea of a fun night.

2. **Plan Ahead**

Timing is key when booking a stripper for your stag do. Don’t leave this to the last minute. Strippers, especially the popular ones, are often in high demand, so it’s advisable to make reservations well in advance. This will also give you time to research and find a reputable agency or performer.


3. **Choose a Reputable Agency or Performer**

Selecting a trustworthy agency or performer is essential to ensure a professional and memorable experience. Do your research, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends who have organized stag dos before. Make sure the agency or performer has the necessary licenses and adheres to all legal regulations.

4. **Consider the Setting**

Your accommodation plays a significant role in the overall experience. Ensure the space is suitable for a stripper performance. Clear any obstacles or hazards that may pose a safety risk. Arrange for enough seating for everyone to have a good view of the show.

5. **Respect the Performer’s Boundaries**

Remember that the stripper is a professional entertainer, not an object. Treat them with respect and follow any guidelines or rules they provide. Respect their personal space, and remind your guests to do the same.

6. **Set Ground Rules**

Before the performance, set ground rules with your guests to ensure everyone behaves appropriately. Make it clear that any disrespectful behavior or harassment will not be tolerated. This will help create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

7. **Capture the Moment Responsibly**

It’s natural to want to capture the experience on camera, but be mindful of the stripper’s comfort and privacy. Ask for their permission before taking photos or videos, and make sure not to share any content that could compromise their identity.

8. **Plan Other Activities**

While the stripper can be a highlight of the evening, don’t make it the sole focus of the stag do. Plan other activities and games to keep the party going. This could include pub crawls, themed parties, or outdoor adventures.

9. **Stay Within Budget**

Budgeting is crucial when planning a stag do. Be transparent with your group about the cost of booking a stripper and ensure everyone is comfortable with their contribution. Stick to your budget to avoid any financial stress.

10. **Maintain Discretion**

Finally, remember that what happens at the stag do stays at the stag do. Respect the groom’s privacy and ensure that any embarrassing or compromising moments are kept confidential.


Booking a stripper for your stag do can add an exciting and memorable element to the celebration, but it should always be done with respect, professionalism, and consideration for the groom’s wishes. By following these guidelines and planning ahead, you can ensure a stag do that the groom and all the guests will look back on fondly for years to come.



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