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If you’re reading this post, we assume you’ve already heard phrases like stag party or hen party. And what about bucks party, bachelor party or bachelorette party? Do you recall any of them? Have you ever wondered where do they come from? We have done some research and we can tell it goes back much further than you’d expect. Surely there is a huge history behind the names as well.

Night Club Party

Stag party in 5th century?

Of course, why not. Many historians can agree that the first stag party was held in Sparta. Of course it was without karting and strippers and topless waitresses but for sure it was wild as hell. Frankly it wasn’t called the stag party, or stag do or anything like this. We are talking about a pre-marriage feast held in the honor of groom-to-be Spartan man. His fellas were making toasts on his behalf and they were feasting all night long. Okay, we know you wouldn’t choose this dinner before a decant looking strip club, but on the other hand those times people were half naked all day long.

Who is the “bachelor”?

This is a nice story to tell. Answer to a question where does it come from is a little shady, but probably from a French word with Latin origin “baccalaris” meaning farmhand. However, the story behind it is a little different. In medieval England there were many of bachelors – the knights riding under the banner of another. Those were the young boys on a path of becoming real knights learning from the elder ones. During Tudor times there was a huge party for Henry VIII on a night before the wedding. It was held just on the other bank of the River Thames across his bride-to-be Catherine of Aragon having her ladies’ night.

Words stag and hen.

Just around these times people were used to use a word hen for every female of any bird, just as stag for a male of member of the Cervidae family. For ladies the hen of a dove as the most noble bird and for a boy a stag of a great muscular deer. This might be the one origin, but there are several of us believing in something else. In Celtic and early English mythology people believed in god with horns as a symbol for everything linked to a male. The groom was pictured as the most vital and strong one. His buddies looked at him as a leader of the pack while celebrating the night before the wedding.

Stag do these days.

Nowadays, there is a huge tradition of partying before the wedding. Either you are a man or a woman you’d like to have at least one huge party to celebrate your last days as single. Right before you tie the knot you should dig into the city and throw a party you’re going to remember forever. Doesn’t matters if you’re from Australia and searching for a bucks party, if you’re from America and wishing to have a bachelor party or a true Englishman hoping in a stag party, there is always a city suitable for you. Why follow the Spartan path with only a dinner while you can enjoy a whole weekend in some nice city abroad and have a plenty of activities.

party people

Now when you know the origin of a stag do parties you are one step closer to your own. Or to repeat yours if you’ve already experienced one.

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