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From the beginning of mankind were hunting and shooting part of our lives. We hunted not to starve, we hunted for fun or we hunted to survive. There is an old saying: “A bad day hunting still beats a good day working.” Think about it and don’t waste your time in the office. Also you have to realise that hunting doesn’t necessarily means killing. These days you are fully able to use guns and bows without harming anybody or anything. Feel the adrenaline of hunting by playing paintball or airsoft with your peeps.

There are shootings from various guns and with various ammos provided in every destination we offer. You can either try paintball in Cologne, airsoft in Gdansk or James Bond Style shooting in Budapest. Sounds lovely isn’t it? Why don’t you dig into central Europe and make your shooting trip from Budapest, through Bratislava, Brno right to Prague? There is a bunch of shooting venues and ranges there and we swear none of them will be the same. We provide both outdoor and indoor variations of classic shooting, airsoft, paintball and of course laser tag.

Prague Paintball shooting action

If you’re still not convinced you can take a deeper look at the guns there and can go with a historical package including guns from WW2. You will enjoy a neat ride with a military vehicle GAZ69, 1-hour tour of a WW2 bunker with English explanation and of course our lovely guide will accompany you all the time.

Of course we do understand if you are that muscular manly type of man. We have a package just for you. What about some Heavy Guns Shooting? Imagine 4 guns of real big caliber waiting for you. A licensed firearms instructor will show you how to lock, load and release these monsters without dislocating a shoulder. Watch out! This one isn’t for ladies! Afterwards you will be rewarded with an ice cold beer for everyone.

Adrenaline Action Shooting Prague Guns Bullets

Did you watched Hunger Games and felt in love with Katniss or did you used to play the Robin Hood crew with your boys? Please give us your attention right now. We guess you already know where this is going, right? The eldest kind of hunting is provided in Prague right now – archery. That’s right Battle Zone Archery in Prague is a great way how to spend your time hunting your friends. Don’t worry nobody will get hurt. You’ll get a proper face mask and every arrow is covered in soft rubber. It’s like paintball but with bow and arrows. Enjoy and have fun.

archery 14

Still looking for more shooting?

Clay Pigeon shooting is for the sportsmen among you. It’s provided in the sadly famous area of Munich’s Olympic stadium which gives you the feel of competition. If it’s still not enough you will love the famous paintball spot near Bratislava, where after the 2-hours game you will be served by a small snack and a couple of beers. Or maybe for the more “realistic” ones there is an awesome place in Warsaw to play airsoft. You’ll get a full equipment of and polish special force unit and can play Counter Strike in real life in a 2-storey old building.

We believe that there is a bunch of ways how to spend your day. But none of them will give you the feeling of man more than shooting. If you ever shot a gun before, you know it’s quite a feeling to hold all that power in your hands. We wouldn’t recommend any of this if we haven’t tasted them all. These are all highly professional and safe shooting ranges with the biggest comfort provided to you. See you soon in any of them.



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