Amsterdam by night

Be ready to laugh hard



Enjoy the night in one of the freest cities in the world! No wonder Amsterdam has been recognized a mecca of clubbing long ago – the variety music genres and the programming is really just second to none. The competition is fierce and as new clubs emerge, they have been able to keep up with the high standard of everything connected with the clubbing scene. But its not just clubs that create the nightlife in the city. There is much more than that, including social and politically aware spaces and theaters blending beautiful architecture with contemporary topics.


Our Amsterdam by night tour includes a dinner table reservation in one of the tastiest restaurants of the old town. We’ll also take you to a comedy show in the local theater and you’ll have a great opportunity to cool yourself down in an Ice bar. The night will culminate in one of the hottest clubs in Amsterdam!

We provide:
  • nightclub entrance

  • table reservation

  • Bavarian feast

  • ticket reservation

  • limo transfer on request

Price Per Person on request
People per group Min 1
Approximate duration various


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