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Celebrate your team spirit with a crazy bubble football match in Cologne! This amazing teambuilding exercise will make everyone laugh harder than ever before. Even if the main objective in bubble football is scoring goals just like in the classic football, the reality is that you will have your hands full to concentrate on that. Imagine being dressed up in a soft, transparent zorbing balls which allow you to hit your opponent basically as hard as it gets, without any danger of harming them!


This makes your opponents bounce around the pitch like balls after opening break shot in billiard. There will be 10 zorbing balls (5 on 5) no matter if you chose outdoor or indoor venue for the match. You can also count on changing rooms and shower facilities, permanent on-site support with safety instructions and even a music box! We will also prepare for you free of charge team photo and videos from the game!

We provide:
  • Pitch rental

  • 10 zorbing balls

  • Safety instructions and instructor

  • Changing rooms and showers on site

  • Photo and video material

Price Per Person on request
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration on request


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