Hen arrest

Nightlife, Strip & Pranks


You´re under arrest! Could you imagine the face of your bride after this words? Enjoy the excitement of the police arrest and let her to enjoy a bit of fear. Book the hen arrest and we will arrange for you a fake policeman to arrest the hen. He won´t find out that it´s all prepared and the reason of the arrest can be adjusted.

Our guide will be with you whole time and will arrange everything you need to make it as real as possible. This activity doesn´t take more than 20 minutes so you can book also other activity with us or you can just enjoy the night city and visit some clubs or bars.

So are you ready for a wonderful strip show after the arrest? He will give your bride an amazing hot strip and each of you will also enjoy a drink included in the package. Could you immagine better way to start your evening in Bratislava?!

We Provide:
  • fake policeman to arrest the hen

  • strip show

  • 1 drink

  • our guide

Price Per Person 31 / £ 30
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 20 minutes

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