Pub Crawl with 1 Beer

Booze night with 1 beer



Have you ever heard about pub crawl? Not? Maybe that’s exactly what you are used to be doing with your friends and till now didn’t even know it has a special name. Well, let us introduce you a pub crawl – several very well spent hours going from one bar to another in order to try different drinks in different places. Does it ring a bell now? Wherever you are, especially when you have only a limited time in a different city, the best what you can do has been just described few lines above. This time you don’t have to be helplessly wandering around, going from one place to another, because we will take you only to the best and highly recommended ones! For such a reasonable price, our guide will take you to the minimum of 3 pubs/bars within three hours and each one will even get a beer for free! Naturally, that is just for starters and it is up to you to drink as much as you can handle. Bottoms up!

We provide:
  • 3 hour guide

  • visit of min 3 pubs/bars

  • 1 beer each

  • our sweet guide

Price Per Person 9 / £ 9
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 3 hours


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