Impress party guests with something far more ambitious than vodka’n’juice in a plastic cup, and provide them with handcrafted cocktails of all tastes! Here’s the most special opportunity where you can get complex cocktail know-how from the real pros, who are prepared to give you enough information you could need to become a real bartender. Would you like to know which seasoning or flavor should you mix with certain type of alcohol, how to use the fresh ingredients to get the best of them or to which food will your cocktail match? Well, let’s enjoy this course and get to know the biggest secrets of cocktail-making. Nobody will shake it quite like you anymore.

We Provide

  • includes 120 minutes coctail making course

  • 2 cocktails included

  • our guide

Price Per Person 33 / £ 31
People per group Min 7
Approximate duration 2 hours


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Coctail Making Gallery

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