If you still can’t decide whether you should use the time in a different city for a sightseeing, or better do some sports while having fun with friends, this might be a perfect solution for you. How could you possible visit this amazing city without experiencing one of the most common things in here on your own? Every single soul in this town owns at least one bicycle as they have realized that it truly is the best possible way to commute in here and you are about to as well!


Is it raining? Is it sunny? Who cares, you are not a sissy! This perfect guided bike tour around Amsterdam takes 2 hours and the experienced guide himself is going to show you all the hidden places you simply can’t miss! It doesn’t matter whether you are able to make a Tour-de-France-worthy performance or you are more of a Sunday-lazy-tour type of a guy, just bring your friends and better be ready at 10:30 am!

We provide:
  • guided bike tour around Amsterdam

  • 2 hour duration, start at 10:30 am

Price Per Person 33 / £ 31
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 2 hours


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