Booze Night

Organized Public Pub Crawl



Have you or your friend ever wondered how much shots is one person able to drink during a limited time? What if you have half an hour to prove how unstoppable you truly are? Make the pub crawl bit different this time and don’t miss the chance to fully enjoy unlimited free vodka for 30 minutes! What’s more, this offer includes 6 free drinks in 6 different bars/clubs, vodka shots and certainly a guide who will help you to get through this madness!


Undoubtedly we are talking here about the best option how to see and taste as many places as possible, everything only during one single night! There is no better way to start the evening than have a proper and unlimited free alcohol. It is just up to you whether you decide to stay down or rather try to push your limits! Who says a stag party night should be kicked off slowly?

We provide:
  • unlimited free vodka for 30 minutes

  • 6 free drinks in 6 bars/clubs

  • vodka shots

  • our guide

  • walking distance

Price Per Person 23 / £ 22
People per group Min 2
Approximate duration 4 hours


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