Unlimited Ribs & Beer

Dinner with Heineken Pitcher

Food & drink


Finally something for real guys! Can you imagine a better thing than ribs with beer? And not just few small pieces, but all you can eat kind of a thing, meaning there are no boundaries of how many of this delicious little meat pieces you can eat? Oh my! An unlimited spareribs with Heineken Pitcher are waiting just for you! As you want to share the happiness with the others, there is going to be one pitcher for each 4 people, so don’t have any doubts about taking as many guys as a future groom wants!


This special weekend is going to be his official goodbye freedom party and there is no better way to celebrate it than with some proper meal! Last but not least, you have to prepare your stomach for the hectolitres of alcohol you are most probably gonna consume. This time there are no limits so just come to show the others who is the rib king in here!

We provide:
  • unlimited spareribs with Heineken Pitcher (pitcher- one for each 4 people)

  • guide for one way

  • walking distance

Price Per Person 50 / £ 47
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 2 hours


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