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Strip & Pranks


Do you plan on visiting Amsterdam city and you want to make the journey unforgettable for the groom? We have an amazing activity for you! Book a liliput woman for him and this will definitely be a legendary journey.


Everyone comes to Amsterdam to see Red light district, to visit some coffeshops and to chill a little bit, but what about making a little prank and surprise for the groom? Be sure he will not expect it. The liliput will be handcuffed to the groom for 1 hour and they will do everything together. And by everything we mean really everything, not just drinking, but also to talking, using the bathroom so they will spend all the time together and no boundaries are allowed.


Our guide will be at your disposal and will help you arrange it the best way. There is only one condition: this activity is available only when you book some other night activity.

We provide:
  • liliput woman handcuffed to stag for 1 hour

  • our guide

Price for group 170 / £ 160
People per group Min 1 / Max 50
Approximate duration 1 hour


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