Sniper + BBQ

Food & drink, Guns & Bullets


So you have a perfect plan including all the drinks, naked girls, all the other vices, the nights are obviously going to be unforgettable, but what to do when the sun is still up? Doesn’t matter how tough guys you are, everyone needs a break at some point, and that’s exactly why you are about to have a paintball game included in your plans for the weekend! Exhausted after such performance, surely you all deserve a proper BBQ to please your stomach with something else than an alcohol for a change.


And what is the best part? The groom-to-be will get this special, pink rabbit costume to become a funny creature that can’t be overlooked! Imagine the situation where a giant rabbit is trying to run away from all your bullets, doesn’t it sound like the best fun? Use your 100 balls wisely and don’t miss the target! Lastly, all equipment will be provided, so the only scars you might suffer from will be the ones on your pride.

We provide:
  • 100 paintballs each

  • all equipment, instructor

  • BBQ

  • rabbit costume for the stag

  • our guide

Price Per Person 67 / £ 63
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 3 hours


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