Imagine the day when you can finally and fully legally shoot your friends without getting them hurt. Sounds like the revenge time has come! Don’t worry, except of some bruises which might occur, there is no harm in a little game. Even though you will have all the necessary equipment, as the instructor will tell you in the beginning, the paintballs are sometimes pretty solid and might cause you bit of pain so better watch out!


Each one of you will be given an unbelievable amount of 300 paintballs and it is just up to you how wisely you use them! What’s the point of playing such game during a stag party you ask? Well, we have not mentioned the best part yet. A stag is going to have a rabbit costume! How could you possibly resist such an opportunity to prank him for one last time while still being single?

We provide:
  • 300 paintballs each

  • all equipment, instructor

  • rabbit costume for the stag

  • our guide

Price Per Person on request
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 2,5 hours


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