Casa Rosso

Sex Theatre with drinks

Nightlife, Strip & Pranks


Who says you cannot have it all? In the very centre of famous Red Light District in this Dutch capital, there is a world famous sex theatre Casa Rosso with its typical pink elephant gracing the façade. Get ready for a truly unforgettable performance, which description simply can’t be found in any guide, you just have to see it yourself! The very best part of this spectacular show is undoubtedly the moment of surprise, because even when you have the feeling that you have already seen it all, there is another trick coming that might be explored right in front of you!


This offer includes not only the tickets to this famous theatre – for example to a banana show etc. but also 2 drinks for each one of you! What is banana show you ask yourselves? Well, it is time to unleash your fantasy and be prepared to literally anything you might see. The only secret we can reveal to you right away is that this is most probably going to be one of those activities which one simply doesn’t share with the others back home.

We provide:
  • tickets to famous Amsterdam sex theatre Casa Rosso

  • 2 drinks each (NO champagne or cocktails)

Price Per Person 56 / £ 53
People per group Min 3
Approximate duration 3 hours


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