Sexy Wake Up


Strip & Pranks


Groom´s wedding day should be the best day in his life and his bachelor weekend the best party as a single man. Coming to Amsterdam city for this trip is the best choice you could make. If you are thinking what to choose for him, let us help you. It should be amazing since very early morning even after a previous party night. There is nothing better than a private sexy wake-up to beat your hangover.


Imagine your stag-do how surprised he will be to hear someone is knocking on the door and is very insisting. It´s not a room service neither a cleaning lady; it´s a hot local lady who is ready to make a 15 minutes’ sexy wake-up strip show in your apartment or in a hotel room. Put a big smile on your stag-do face and enjoy the show all together. Who wouldn´t want to be woken up by a beautiful woman?!


If accomodation not booked with us, permission of the activity in given hotel/apartment has to be checked with the manager of the property by the client.

We provide:
  • sexy wake up strip show (15 min) – in apartment or hotel room

Price for group 210 / £ 197
People per group Min 1 / Max 50
Approximate duration 15 minutes


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