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Football fans all over the world, cock your ear! It’s a generally known fact that Germans are the biggest football admirers ever and there is basically nothing more important for them, except for beer maybe? Anyway, there is no need for introducing the famous Bundesliga which you can for instance see with your own eyes in the Hertha Berlin game. This offer covers either this club or tickets for FC Union Berlin, which is currently playing in the second league, but based on their performance, they might soon appear in the first one as well!


What’s more, FC Union is one of the most traditional clubs, who is famous for its fans and authentic atmosphere during every game, so don’t miss your chance to become a part of it! The season is on August – May and naturally a price differs from game to game, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and we will provide you exact prices on your request. Unfortunately neither Bayern nor Borussia games are available.

We provide:
  • game tickets to Hertha Berlin or FC Union Berlin match

  • season is August – May, no Bayern or Borussia games

Price Per Person on request
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 2 hours


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