You have decided to go to Berlin and are wondering about what excitement the city has to offer. All the typical German holiday affairs spring to mind – sightseeing, pubs, German beer, probably food…. but what you really want to see is something raw and native, less covered, more revealed.


Imagine the unimaginable. Two naughty German Fraus smothered in oil, battling out their inner rage. Clothes have been forgotten and you can’t do much about it, you can’t participate, you can’t take sides, you can’t interfere, you can only step back, enjoy and encourage this treacherous and lubricious fight.


You never know who or if anyone is going to win this dust-up and your interference will perhaps be a desired welcome, let the girls decide. Maybe these feisty girls are merely playing for fun? Find out! Let yourself be led astray onto the slippery path of this uncovered adventure and see the fight of your life.


A sensational German event like this will not escape your mind. Get ready to be a spectator in Berlin’s hottest girl-on-girl oil wrestling action.


Your full-time guide will be at your service throughout the match and be sure that the entertainment keeps your head locked in a truly tantalizing game.


We provide:
  • oil wrestling with 2 strippers

  • taking place in a strip club

  • from 22:00 pm

  • duration – 5 songs

  • our guide

Price for group 610 / £ 572
People per group Min 1 / Max 30
Approximate duration 15 min


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Oil Wrestling Gallery

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