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As questionable as it might sound concerning the location of this activity, believe it or not, for those who are into guns, this is more than just a way how to fill the free time. Besides all the typical stag activities, it is time to plan also something you will all enjoy and remember the next day as well! If you have reached this point of the description, you are most probably well aware of the weapons, hence there is no need for their further introduction.


A pistol Russian “Makarow” with 10 rounds and semi-automatic rifle AK-47 with 20 rounds will be both at your disposal to show what you got! Naturally, we will provide all equipment so the only responsibility you are going to have is not to miss the target. Last but not least, if you feel rather insecure with shooting, there will be a trained instructor who is willing to help you out.

We provide:
  • 2 guns

  • pistol Russian “Makarow” – 10 rounds

  • semi-automatic rifle AK-47 – 20 rounds

  • all equipment

  • instructor

  • our guide

Price Per Person 96 / £ 90
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 5 hours


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