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3 hours, at least 3 pubs, and hectolitres of beer. Do you need any further description? If you want to see as much as possible from the city’s nightlife in just one night, a pub crawl is always the best way of experiencing it. When it comes to drinking, you are going to be really surprised about the prices in Bratislava, of course in a good way.


What’s even better, you already have an unlimited beer consumption in the first bar for whole hour! And we ensure you that you are not gonna regret a single minute as we are picking up only the best ones around. Don’t stress yourselves and simply let it to the locals, we will show you the best spots you can imagine! Everything will be within a walking distance and our guide will tell you where to go afterwards so don’t hesitate to ask for some recommendations!

We provide:
  • 3 hour pub/bar crawl

  • min 3 pubs

  • unlimited beer in the first bar for 1 hour

  • our guide

  • walking distance

Price Per Person 23 / £ 22
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 3 hours


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