Brewery Tour

with Beer Tasting

Chillout, Food & drink


Perpetual temptation of this golden liquid, which you have a constant desire to drink even instead of water. Beer. Old Greek Gods knew the effects of divine wine but since then times have changed. It is not only about beer, it is so much more, take yourself on a Brewery Tour!  None of those impersonal big breweries where nobody seems to be interested in your desire to know more take yourself to Bratislava. Discover the secrets of this heavenly creation.


Where better to start your beer adventure than at one of the Bratislava’s Brewery Tours. Cozy, friendly, family businesses with excellent staff will boost your beer knowledge. You will not only get the most educated lecture in your life about how beer is made and what everything it encompasses but you will get a taster and two complimentary beers for everyone. Exactly, you would be a fool not to go!


Do not think you will only have one these experiences? Then you are wrong. Bratislava is the place to offer more.  You will be surprised to find out they don’t only offer beer but it comes in the whole package! It’s the whole house packed with food and beer! It’s a dream come true!

We provide:
  • Brewery tour with English explanation

  • Beer degustation – 2 samples

  • Little home made snack

  • Our guide

Price Per Person 20 / £ 19
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 2


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