Every little boy hungers after being a professional football player. Be honest, how many of you used to have posters of some famous ones attached to the wall? It doesn’t matter whether you are a real party animal after it gets dark when you can still become a footballer during the day.


This is your chance so don’t miss it! Naturally there are some activities which stay highly classified, and of course what happens on a stag party, stays on the stag party, but give the groom an opportunity to play a match so he has something to report to his fiancée.


You are given a ball and then it’s just up to you to show what you are able to do with it! So put together your “mannschaft” and have some fun. Throughout two hours long field reservation, under the supervision of trained referee, all of you will feel like a real professionals!

We provide:
  • 2 hour football field reservation

  • ball

  • referee (additional possibility : opposite local team – price on request)

  • private transfer

  • our guide

Price Per Person on request
People per group Min 11
Approximate duration 3 hours


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