Have you ever heard about house running? Do you have any idea what does it mean? No, you are not going to run from one house to another, this is something different. Have you ever seen some videos online with people doing it and you thought they are crazy? This is a running from 110 m high tower; can you imagine something so crazy?! Now you can be one of them and experience it!


It might be dangerous of course so safety is our high importance. Our local guide will pick you up from your accommodation and take you to the place with a private transfer. Two professional instructors will explain you how does it work and they will help you whole time. Safety equipment is a must and all of you have to follow the instructions. Be ready for an amazing activity which is absolutely unique and you are lucky to experience it.

We provide:
  • running from 110 m high tower

  • 2 proffesional instructors

  • safety equipment

  • our guide

  • private transfer

Price Per Person 67 / £ 63
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 4 hours


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