Lapdance Club Entrance

with Stage Show for Stag

Nightlife, Strip & Pranks


Have you already thought about something special only for the groom-to-be? It is his goodbye freedom party weekend after all, so he should definitely get the service he deserves and will never forget! Whatever he might be saying, it is in every guy’s nature that he simply wants to see some pretty ladies making a performance, if not making this show just for him.


That is exactly the reason why we have decided to not only provide you with the entrance to a top strip club in Bratislava, but also a 1 Stage show for stag! If you think that this few minutes might not be enough, you can be sure that for someone who doesn’t have much experience, it is like a dream come true ! Stag will be taken on the stage and will be a part of the performance of a beautiful stripper. Additionally it is all walking distance so you can spot some nice places and do a little sightseeing on your way there.

We provide:
  • entrance fee to a top Bratislava strip club

  • Stage show for Stag (15 minutes)

  • guide

  • walking distance

Price Per Person 28 / £ 27
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 1 hour


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