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Choose a VIP nightclub entrance to the best Bratislava nightclub.


To visit a club is „required“ and if you book the VIP entrance we can guarantee you don´t have to wait in the queue and you don´t have to look after a table because there will be a table ready for you. Feel as a special guest with the best care and let your groom to enjoy the night. Our guide will be with you to take you to the club and she will make sure you have everything you paid for.


Guided nightclub entrance – VIP is available all year long. It´s made for people who want to go out to the best and the most exclusive clubs and they don´t have to care about anything.


Come to Bratislava and find out how amazing party life is here! Beautiful Slovak girls are an extra bonus so make your weekend in the city unforgettable and contact us.

We provide:
  • Entrance to the best Bratislava nightclub

  • Our guide to take you there

  • Walking distance

Price Per Person 14 / £ 14
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 1 hour


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