Paintball Outdoor

200 balls with snack

Guns & Bullets


Prepare yourself for adrenaline rushing and breathtaking paintball death match! Now you have your unique chance to experience real combat action. Show your best skills and take down your opponents in Navy Seals style! Whether you decide to rely just on yourself, or you are used to cover your buddy’s back so your crew rather creates separate teams, either way all of you will have an experience you won’t forget!


Not only you gain unforgettable memories, there will be some visible traces on your body for next few days to proof how tough you were! You are given two stunning hours and 200 more balls to take over the battlefield, beat the enemies and show everyone who the man is! Certainly no one has to be concerned about safety.


First of all this is fun, therefore during the whole time we provide safety equipment so the wounds after the game might be more recognizable on your self-confidence than your body. Glory to the winners, honor to the losers, everyone deserves a beer afterwards for the whole performance. Don’t forget, this is a real deal and only true men can survive. It’s time to kick some asses!

We provide:
  • 2 hour game

  • 200 balls

  • Safety equipment

  • Snack and 2 beers each

  • Our guide

Price Per Person 53 / £ 50
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 4 hours


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