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It is time to also start considering activities, which you can share the experience from with your love ones back home and luckily you just came across one! Litres of alcohol and naked ladies must wait, it’s about time to hit some targets. This whole new package brings along 3 different guns, meaning 45 bullets for you to try them out.


Obviously, we want to provide a unique chance for you to test something unusual, hence you will get Pistol 9 mm, 15 bullets included; Assault rifle AK 47/vz 58 filled with 20 bullets and Shotgun semi-auto with 10 attempts a.k.a. bullets.


To make you feel even better and to enhance the enjoyment, one beer is already included in the package, but feel free to have more afterwards as a reward for a good job you made. Besides that, our guide will be there in case you would need any help or recommendations about where to go next.

We provide:
  • Pistol 9 mm 15 bullets, Assault rifle AK 47/vz 58 20 bullets, Shotgun semi-auto 10 bullets

  • 1 beer

  • 30 mins guide

  • private transfer

  • our lovely guide

Price Per Person 80 / £ 75
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 3,5 hours


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