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Do you like shooting yet didn’t find the way how to decide which machine is your favourite? Or you already have some preferable ones, but before making the final decision you would rather try as many of them as possible? One way or another, we have you covered.


This time there will be four totally different weapons, the sample as diverse as you can imagine. First you are about to have 20 bullets for SMG PPS Sudajev 41, followed by 20 bullets for Assault rifle AK 47/vz 58, next ten ones are reserved for a shotgun semi-auto and last five, the best five, are saved for Sniper rifle SVT40. As your safety is our priority, an instructor will keep an eye on you and make sure you will have the best time.


What’s a manlier activity for this upcoming stag weekend than a proper shooting game? Better prepare yourself for the madness!

We provide:
  • SMG PPS Sudajev 41 20 bullets, Assault rifle AK 47/vz 58  20 bullets, Shotgun semi-auto  10 bullets, Sniper rifle SVT40 5 bullets each

  • instructor

  • 1 beer

  • 30 mins guide

  • private transfer

  • our lovely guide

Price Per Person 92 / £ 87
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 3,5 hours


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