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It is one thing to see villains fighting in the movies, pointing out that you would make a better hero, especially while eating popcorn from the comfort of your own couch. It is something completely different to actually hold one of those beasts in your hands, aiming at the target, deciding whether to shoot or not.


As practise truly does make perfect, under supervision of the professional instructor, you will have the opportunity to test five different guns. Each of them comes with different number of bullets per each, depending on the required difficulty and the entertainment they might bring along.


There is a Revolver (10 bullets), a Shotgun semi-auto (also 10 bullets), Assault rifle AK47/v 58 (20 bullets), Machinegun AK 47 RPK (30 bullets) and Sniper rifle SKS 45 (including 5 bullets). The package includes one beer per person, private transfer from your accommodation and a guide to help you out with any doubts you could possibly have. Ready for the madness?

We provide:
  • revolver 10 bullets, Shotgun semi-auto  10 bullets, Assault rifle AK47/v 58  20 bullets, Machinegun AK 47 RPK  30 bullets, Sniper rifle SKS 45 – 5 bullets, each

  • instructor

  • 1 beer

  • our lovely guide

  • private transfer

Price Per Person 111 / £ 104
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 3,5 hours


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