Would you be up to packing your things and exploring the world, yet not willing to give up the comfort your own flat provides you? If you prefer your own space with enough privacy, but you are still not a big fan of room service, apartment is the best choice for you. Naturally, served breakfast every morning is a nice amenity, but there is nothing better than the freedom you have with your own kitchen, 24/7 at your disposal. Rented apartment remotely resemble your home, where you can always find a warm bed on a cold morning, a comfy couch in the living room and a functional kitchen as a bonus. Certainly, there is also a bathroom, to be shared between the apartment guests only. As people tend to have the need to be connected the whole time, nowadays is WiFi access the inevitable. Last but not least, sometimes there is even a washing machine available, so if you feel like washing your clothes after a long day, feel free to do so.


Please be aware that the price depends on the selected dates.

We provide:
  • similar to flat

  • private bedroom with bathroom

  • well equipped kitchen

  • cosy living room, common spaces

  • WiFi access

  • washing machine available

Price Per Person from 33 / £ 31
People per group Min 1
Approximate duration


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