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Rock your world with an armoured car ride in Brno! Surprise your colleagues with an amazing experience driving a Warsaw pact armored vehicle BMP-1. Essentially a lighter tank, BMP-1 was also produced in Slovakia and still serves as a basis of motorized units of many countries around the world. This bad boy is a dangerous vehicle due to its speed and firepower – it carried a 73mm cannon, 7.62mm machinegun and an anti-tank missile system.


You can look forward to a 3km ride with a professional instructor driving the tank through an extremely difficult terrain. The vehicle can actually go to the water as well, so you might be in for a quite a ride in Brno! The vehicle can absorb either 4 or 8 people depending on the configuration. We can arrange a private transfer to the facility upon request or even our wonderful local guide who will make sure you are having a great time!

We provide:
  • 3 km ride each in BVP-1

  • 4 or 8 people in vehicle

  • instructor driving only

  • private transfer OR

Price Per Person 0 / £ 0
People per group Min 1
Approximate duration on request


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