This stag party is going to be legend – wait for it – dary, legendary!  If there would be a section “The best way to move around the city” in official city brochures, a beer bike would surely make it to the top three. There is literally no better way to explore the city while getting drunk, or tipsy at least, as a bonus. Naturally, you must earn it, so you actually have to pedal in order to move further.


This beast can handle 6 – 15 pax, but realize, that more of you equals less job to do, possibly even a breaktime for the laziest ones. As the name speaks for itself, 30 litres of beer will be ready for you, so the sooner you drink it, the less you must carry around! You don’t have to be a biker in your heart to enjoy wandering the streets of this lovely town, even though steeper hills might become a challenge. But no stress, we can guarantee that everyone will love it!

We provide:
  • 90 min beer bike

  • 6-15 pax

  • 30 l beer

  • 1-way guide

  • public transfer/walk

Price for group 409 / £ 384
People per group Min 6 / Max 15
Approximate duration 1,5 hour


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