Do you consider yourself to be a football star, not worried that harder conditions might take you off your own pedestal? Maybe it would be the right time to prove it. Does your group enjoy playing football in general, but would also like to make this match somehow special? A stag party is a perfect opportunity to turn this favourite Wednesday-evenings activity into a unique experience!


The one-hour game takes place in an indoor football hall, not really that special. Your aim is to score with a basic ball, also nothing extraordinary. So, what makes it different? You running there wearing a giant inflatable ball! Doesn’t matter how much of a good and precise technique you might have, when it comes to this game, luck might become your best friend, but there will be an instructor to make sure all rules apply. And after sweating your ass off on the field, you will surely appreciate the shower facilities provided. There is gonna be max 15 zorbing balls provided, so better make sure you don’t have more players in advance. Get ready for the madness!

We provide:
  • 1 hour indoor football hall

  • max 15 bubble/zorbing balls

  • ball

  • shower facilities

  • instructor

  • full time guide

  • public transfer

Price Per Person 41 / £ 39
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 1 hour


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