25 bullets

Guns & Bullets


Ding dong tough guy, you have just come across something, that you have been looking the whole time! The upcoming event is so unique that it requires something special. Surely a proper night out is on the list, but first there is daytime and this is an activity with a capital A. Let’s talk some details, shall we?


Twenty-five bullets, four guns, one instructor, all the necessary numbers at once. The twenty-five attempts to hit the target will be done by some of these beasts – 9mm Luger, Glock, Ruger, CZ 75 or revolver. In case there is someone in the group, who is not entirely sure how to handle those, the professional instructor will be there to share all the Dos and Don’ts with you. Except him, our guide will accompany you throughout the whole journey, so you might point all your doubts at her, she will gladly help you figure them out.

We provide:
  • 25 bullets

  • 3 guns (one of these: 9mm Luger, Glock, Ruger, CZ 75 or revolver)

  • instructor

  • full time guide

  • public transfer

Price Per Person 62 / £ 59
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 2 hours


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