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Almost every man loves action movies and shooting games. Leave movies and computer games for little boys. Come to play with some real guns. And not just any guns. We are talking military grade assault weapons with some real firepower. Guns that aren’t even legal in certain countries. Guns that will make you think like a soldier in a warzone.


What will happen on this fantastic day? Together with our lovely guide you will visit one of the shooting ranges in Brno. There you will be taught how to hold the weapon, to aim and to shoot. An instructor will stay with you for the whole time to make sure you don’t ruin both your stag do and the wedding plans by shooting each other.

We provide:
  • 5 different weapons (AK-47, Ruger, Luger, Glock, CZ 75)

  • 50 bullets each,

  • Instructor

  • Guide (full time)

  • public transfer

Price Per Person 96 / £ 90
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 2 hours


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