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Choose a river cruise, pub crawl, airport pick-up, night limo or anything you want and add this strip show to it. Imagine the face of your groom who is enjoying his drink when a beautiful local lady comes. She will make an amazing 15 minute strip show and it will definitelly make your time together unforgettable.


This activity isn´t limited to a minimum number of people so you can book the strip even if you are a small group. Our local guide will join you to discuss when you want the stripper to come.


Czech ladies are well-known for their beauty so you can´t miss such an opportunity.


Just remember our stag weekenders can enjoy a nice strip show practicaly everywhere, even while observing the beautiful sceneries of Brno. Strip show is available throughout the whole year so enjoy a bit of female beauty and explore the beauty of the amazing Brno afterwards.

We provide:
  • one female strip show (15 min)

  • in transfer or during night activities (river cruises, etc.)

  • our lovely guide

Price for group 120 / £ 113
People per group Min 1 / Max 40
Approximate duration 15 minutes

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