Brewery Tour

Brewery Tour



Fed up with all the castles, cathedrals and stuff? This tour will certainly draw your attention! No more historical data, paintings of people from centuries ago and long explanations of things you don’t give a damn about, on this tour you’ll get to see, smell and taste what is really, really important to you – the one and only beer!


Actually, it’s gonna be three beers plus a shot of palinka (traditional fruit brandy) for each of you. All the hungry stags can enjoy a snack for free, too. The guide will also explain you how beer is produced (because that is what really matters!).

We provide:
  • private brewery tour with English explanation

  • degustation of 3 beers

  • shot of palinka

  • snack each for each person

  • our local guide

Price Per Person 22 / £ 21
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 2 hours


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