Female Stripper

Female stripper

Strip & Pranks


If you want to book a strip show for your groom but you don´t know whether you want to see the performance in a limo, hotel or during dinner, choose this activity and we will arrange it for you. Decide with other mates where the best moment for you will be to make a show and we can book a beautiful locale for you.

She will arrange an amazing 15 minute performance and as Hungarian girls are really hot you can be sure this will make your stag weekend legendary. Moreover, you can choose her costume as you like! Isn´t it like a dream come true?!

Start your stag weekend in style and let the city know you came with a limo or make it more private and enjoy the show in your hotel or apartment. If this is still not your cup of tea, you can see the show while eating a delicious dinner.


If you want to arrange it in another place just contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

We provide:
  • one female stripper (appx 15 minute show) – choose costume if you like 🙂

Price for group 155 / £ 146
People per group Min 1 / Max 25
Approximate duration 15 minutes


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