Are you ready for a whole new experience? Everyone knows how it feels to be drinking alcohol in a hot weather, when thanks to the sun every single drink kicks three times more than usual, when it truly is extremely easy and fast to get drunk, but also kind of difficult to handle the boundaries, however, not so many people already have had the opportunity to be drinking under quite special conditions.


It is also nothing brand new to be drinking a hot wine or punch while it is freezing outside, but what about having a drink or two with temperature below the zero while it is literally a sunbathing time outside? Come to the Ice bar in Budapest, where you will experience how it feels to suddenly go through such a temperature difference! Better don’t have this wrong opinion about how easy it is, because you are about to be really surprised once you try. A guide will accompany you for one hour, show you the right place and let you go in, and from that moment on, it is just up to you!

We provide:
  • entrance to the Ice bar in Budapest

  • our local guide for 1 hour

  • walking distance

  • 1 glass of champagne per person

  • jacket

Price Per Person 22 / £ 21
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 1 hour


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