Nightclub Entrance

Nightclub Entrance - VIP with Tables&Bottles



If you read the previous offer and you found it quite interesting, but there is still this inner voice telling you it would need one tiny little improvement, ding dong, it is coming right now! This pumped VIP offer simply covers everything!

As we want to enhance the quality of a stag party to the maximum, you will  be provided with a VIP entrance to a nightclub and a VIP tables.

Additionally, you will be served bottle & mixers per every five people. Don’t hesitate to book something truly extraordinary for this stag party, the groom-to-be deserves to have a proper way to say goodbye to the freedom!

We provide:
  • nightclub entry: VIP entrance to a nightclub

  • table reservation

  • bottle&mixers per every 5 people

  • walking distance

  • our local guide for 1 hour

Price Per Person on request
People per group Min 5
Approximate duration 1 hour


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